Car wheel hub bearing structure


Car wheel hub bearing structure
Wheel bearings in the angular contact ball bearings and tapered roller bearings developed on the basis of the special wheel bearing unit. Compared with the traditional rolling bearings, the hub bearing unit can be pre-adjustable clearance and preload preset, the overall rigidity, high reliability, and with the flange of the inner and outer ring, can be directly with the car brake and rotating system Connection, simplified structure, reduce installation space, easy maintenance, long bearing life.
With the development of modern automobile technology, reduce energy consumption, comfort, safety, modularity, acceleration performance, intelligent requirements continue to improve, the requirements of the wheel bearings are also constantly toward the low friction torque, good sealing performance, high reliability, Compact, modular, high-performance, lightweight, intelligent direction. According to the wheel bearing unit development process, the current wheel bearing unit can be divided into generation, second generation, three generations, four generations of wheel bearings:
The first generation of wheel bearing units is a pre-adjustable clearance, with a double ring bearing ring. The original two sets of separate angular contact ball bearings or tapered roller bearings integrated into a set of outer ring, the inner ring back to back combination of double row angular contact ball bearings or double row tapered roller bearings, can be pre-set the initial clearance Value, and comes with a ring.
The second generation of the wheel bearing unit is the outer ring with the flange of the pre-adjustable clearance, with a double row of seals. On the basis of the first generation of hub bearing units, make the outer ring with the flange, through the bolt directly connected to the suspension (inner ring type), or installed on the brake disc and the steel ring (outer ring type).
The third generation of the wheel bearing unit is in addition to pre-adjustable clearance, with sealing ring, the inner and outer ring are with the flange, the majority also integrates the wheel speed sensor. In the second generation of wheel bearing unit based on the improvement, such as the inner ring with flange for connecting the brake disc and steel ring, but also integrated ABS sensor.
The fourth-generation hub bearing unit is further integrated into a double-row bearing, connecting flange and constant velocity universal joint into a compact overall.
With the continuous improvement and optimization of wheel bearings, reliability, rigidity and performance is getting higher and higher, lightweight and easy installation, ABS sensor integrated modular, so the current third-generation wheel bearing unit applications more and more widely, four generations of bearings In foreign countries have begun to put on the market.