Cross bearing universal joint correct maintenance


   Universal joints, needle roller joints in the work should be how to properly maintain it?
   The crosshead needle roller bearings of the drive shaft should be lubricated with gear oil. But generally found in the vehicle maintenance, the drive shaft of the universal joint needle roller bearings are using calcium-based grease to lubricate, the actual way of this lubrication is wrong, resulting in a large number of cross shaft needle bearing early damage. In the demolition can clearly see the cross shaft journal showing a squeeze in the pressure of the groove, journal and needle at the serious lack of oil.
   Why is this phenomenon? Is because the cross-shaped pinion needle roller lubricating oil nozzle is a common butter mouth, so give people a kind of illusion, has long been generally filled with butter to lubricate. In fact, it is difficult to add butter to the needle roller bearing with a grease gun from the nozzle. As we all know, the viscosity of butter, when the butter gun from the nozzle to the cross million pinch needle roller needle filling the butter, the butter into the narrow cavity when the oil resistance increases, the butter pressure rises above the nozzle Of the relief valve or oil spill. This phenomenon will be the driver and the repair staff mistakenly believe that has filled the butter. And in fact the butter did not enter between the needle, is to reach the cross shaft journal face is also very difficult. In the removal of maintenance, that is, using a mandatory method of butter on the surface of the needle and journal can also play some lubrication, but for the cross shaft needle bearing lubrication effect, the calcium-based grease far less gear oil Well, the reason is: universal joint in the work to bear a lot of torque and alternating load, and calcium-based grease oil film toughness is poor, in the bearing and journal friction surface is difficult to form a good oil