Teach you how to deal with universal joints caused by mechanical failure


    A. When the machine starts or when you change the speed of the crash
   Phenomenon: When the machine starts, the fuselage is shaking and accompanied by a percussion; when changing the speed, the sound increases.
the reason:
   Cross shaft and needle roller bearings wear excessive, loose open; drive shaft and sliding fork with spline wear excessive, loose open; fastening bolts and so on.
    B. mechanical operation abnormal sound
   Phenomenon: mechanical start no sound, but the run-time abnormal sound, and the speed, the greater the sound.
the reason:
   Intermediate support position improper; intermediate bearing wear too large; universal joint assembly too tight. Intermediate support rubber pad damage;
    C. mechanical operation with abnormal sound and accompanied by body vibration
   Phenomenon: mechanical operation abnormal sound, and with the speed of the increase, the sound increased, severe body chattering.
the reason:
   The drive shaft is bent and deformed; the drive shaft is not balanced; the intermediate support part is seriously damaged.