Wheel hub maintenance


Because of the particularity of the wheel hub, so we say the hub maintenance is mainly about alloy wheel hub.
If the vehicle just run the road, do not immediately wheel cleaning, because we in the driving process, with the tire heating and braking use, will make the wheel hub temperature increased, it is recommended to stop for a period of time, and so on after the temperature down to carry out cleaning operation.
The hub is very close to the road and close to the brake disc, so the wheel is often easy to dirty parts, usually leaving pavement thrown up dirt and brake disc after the powder is not recommended to use excellent brushes to clean dirt, use special cleaning brush with soft easy to wash off the attached the.
When driving, we should pay attention to avoid the potholes sections, the slow zone should also slow down the. Especially the wheel hub, if fast through potholes is likely to become the steel sections of irreversible deformation, once the deformation occurs, may be at a high speed when the body beat, affect the driving stability. Although the alloy wheel hub is not easy to deform, but once there is a slight deformation, it is necessary to do vehicle dynamic balance, deformation is more serious, you need to replace the wheel hub.
Do not park the vehicle for a long time, it is recommended to move the vehicle properly every week to prevent the deformation of the wheel hub, and also prevent the occurrence of irreversible deformation of the tire.