Troubleshooting of universal joint


The machine starts or when driving speed change a crash
Phenomenon: when the machine starts, the fuselage is trembling with the sound of impact; when the speed is changed, the noise increases.
Reasons: the cross shaft and needle roller bearings are overly worn and loose, and the transmission shaft and the slider fork are too worn, loose and loose, and the fastening bolts are loose.
The machine operation is abnormal sound
Phenomenon: the machine starts when it starts, but there is a different sound when it runs, and the speed is quicker, the louder the noise is.
The reasons are: the improper position of the intermediate support; the excessive wear of the bearing in the middle bearing; and the tight assembly of the universal joint. The rubber pad in the middle support is damaged.
Mechanical operation and abnormal sound with airframe buffeting
Phenomenon: the mechanical operation has different sound, and as the speed increases, the noise increases, and the fuselage is chattering seriously.
Cause: the transmission shaft is bending and deformed; the transmission shaft is not balanced; the middle support part is badly damaged.