Transmission shaft maintenance and introduction


      The drive shaft is a high speed, less support of the rotating body, the shaft tube, telescopic sleeve and universal joints, which is an important component of the transmission power transmission in the car, its role is with the gearbox, transaxle the engine The power transmitted to the wheels, so that cars have a driving force. In order to ensure the normal operation of the drive shaft to increase its service life, the following requirements should be used and maintained.
     (1) Do not start with high speed gear.
     (2) Do not lift the clutch start.
     (3) Do not overload, speeding.
     (4) Grease joints should always be filled and checked for drive shaft work.
     (5) In the maintenance of the transmission shaft hanger often check the fastening situation, the support rubber is damaged, the transmission shaft connection is loose Kuang, should always check the transmission shaft is deformed.
     (6) In order to ensure the balance of the drive shaft, should always pay attention to whether the balance solder off welding. Should always be universal joint cross shaft bearing grease, the summer should be injected on the 3rd Lithium Grease, winter No. 2 Lithium