Common failures of drive shafts and their remedies


Fault 1. The drive shaft (c.v.joint & c.v.axle) swings or the vehicle vibrates while driving:
Fault phenomenon: When the vehicle is running, it is obvious that the strong vibration of the transmission system is periodically transmitted to the vehicle body, and the acceleration and the taxiing are obviously different. When the vehicle is stopped, the vibration of the engine running at various speeds disappears.
Causes and exclusions:
The assembly direction of the universal joint forks is inconsistent. ★ exclusion method: re-combination;
 The drive shaft (c.v.joint & c.v.axle) twists or bends. ★ exclusion method: repair or replacement;
 parts loose or moving unbalanced amount. ★ exclusion methods: repair, dynamic balance or replacement.
Fault 2. Abnormal noise of the drive shaft (c.v.joint & c.v.axle):
Fault phenomenon: When the car is driving, it is obviously heard that the transmission shaft (c.v.joint & c.v.axle) makes an abnormal sound, especially when shifting gears. However, when the vehicle speed is stable, this noise decreases or disappears.
Causes and exclusions:
excessive wear and tear of telescopic splines. ★ exclusion method: should be replaced;
universal joint bearing wear, bite, damage. ★ exclusion method: replace the cross shaft or bearing;
 the middle support bearing wear or burn. ★ Remedy: Replace the parts;